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    Our product catalogue (PDF file) can be downloaded from this website.
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#1036D   PDF(1.05 MB)
Alkali Developer Analyzer/Controller
#1036D2   PDF(0.37 MB)
Alkali Developer Analyzer/Controller
#9752CU   PDF(0.88 MB)
Cupric Chloride Etchant Perfect
#9552Nll   PDF(0.5 MB)
Cupric Chloride Etchant Perfect
#9752FE   PDF(1.36 MB)
Ferric Chloride Etchant Perfect
#1033N2   PDF(0.38 MB)
Ferric Chloride Etchant
#9752CL03   PDF(1.16 MB)
Cupric Chloride Etchant Perfect
   Controller(For sodium chlorate)
#1036PH_CU+936SG   PDF(1.12 MB)
Alkali Etchant Controller
#1036DE   PDF(1.01 MB)
Desmear Process
   (Permanganate, manganate,
    and NaOH)
#1036S   PDF(0.41 MB)
H2O2-H2SO4 Etchant
#1036SSN2   PDF(0.43 MB)
H2O2-H2SO4 Etchant
#1036PS,PSR(RS232C)  PDF(0.85 MB)
Persulfate Etchant
#1036PS2   PDF(1.16 MB)
Persulfate Etchant
#1036BLK   PDF(0.95 MB)
Black Oxide Analyzer/Controller
#1036DMAB   PDF(0.91 MB)
DMAB (Dimethylamine borane)    Analyzer/Controller
#1036PCUN   PDF(1.24 MB)
Electroless Copper
#1036PNIN   PDF(0.65 MB)
Electroless Nickel
#1036PNINS   PDF(0.65 MB)
Electroless Nickel
#1036PSN-Su2   (1.24 MB)
Electroless Tin Analyzer/Controller
#1036PCUE   PDF(1.24 MB)
Copper Plating Analyzer/Controller
#1036PNIE   PDF(0.63 MB)
Nickel Plating Analyzer/Controller
#1036PSNE   PDF(1.24 MB)
Electroless Tin Analyzer/Controller
#1036PZNE   PDF(0.67 MB)
Zinc Plating Analyzer/Controller
Process controller
#936SG   PDF(1.1 MB)
Precision Specific Gravity Controller
#873EC   PDF(0.7 MB)
Concentration/Conductivity    Analyzer/Controller
#936pH,#936ORP   PDF(1.28 MB)
Precision Controller Family
Special analyzer
#1061   PDF(0.37 MB)
Hydroxyl Value, Saponification Value    Analyzer
#1036HMK   PDF(1.05 MB)
Zinc Phosphate Treatment    Analyzer/Controller
General catalog PDF(1.21 MB)
1036 series technical data PDF(0.9 MB)
Technical data for the ferric etching PDF(0.31 MB)
Technical data for the cupric etching [NaClO3] PDF(0.32 MB)
Technical data for the cupric etching [H2O2] PDF(0.23 MB)

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