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9752 Family Etchant Perfect Controllers The etching how-to book - "Etching technique of really useful printed circuit board for business" - by which we helped writing was put on the market by THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN,LTD. It is a fine, inclusive, comprehensible book for an etching engineer.
(This book is written in Japanese.)

Author : Toshiki Sasabe, Masahito Ishi, Masanori Akiyama, Kazunori Kato
Supervisor : Kunio Kozu
Publisher : THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN,LTD (May 30, 2009)
List Price : 2730 YEN (JPY, Including tax)
ISBN-13 : 978-4-526-06266-7 C3054


"1036FEH2" published

9752 Family Etchant Perfect Controllers "1036FEH2" of ferric chloride etchant analyzer/controller was published. A lot of customers have already used it.

"936PNIN" published

9752 Family Etchant Perfect Controllers Latest model "936PNIN" of Electroless Nickel Analyzer/Controller was published. maintenance free , the reduction of the calibrating frequency is achieved. This device will contribute to the quality efficiency improvement as a leading device in the electroless nickel industry.

New version "936SG" released

9752 Family Etchant Perfect Controllers 936SG was upgraded. More high accuracy and stability are achieved.

"Hydroxyl Value, Saponification Value Analyzer" published

9752 Family Etchant Perfect Controllers The automatic freezing point meter was newly published.
A big cost performance is achieved compared with other companies product and cost-effectiveness is also large.


"New9752 Family Etchant Perfect Controllers" released

9752 Family Etchant Perfect Controllers Easy key operation. Sensor box and controller body are connected by optical fiber or RS485. A flat display is used.
Three models available for specific etchants: cupric chloride, sodium chlorate, and ferric chloride.
March. 22, 2006

Inhibitor developed for ferric chloride and hydrogen The reason are doesn't influence to environment, reduction in costs, and upgrading of product.
March 14, 2006

1036D2 Alkali Developer Analyzer/Controller We have developed an Alkali Developer Analyzer/Controller. that can precisely measure and control the concentration of dissolved resist. Since the measurement of free alkali concentration uses the same method as manual analysis, the unit can be used as a standard analyzer. With this remarkably advanced controller, alkali developer control has entered a new era, reaching new levels of quality, yield and convenience.
June 30, 2004

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