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Specific gravity Concentration/conductivity
Precision specific gravity controller Concentration/conductivity analyzer/controller
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Precision controller family Cu+, Fe2+ concentration analyzer/controller
Specific gravity
Precision Specific Gravity Controller
It is a process specific gravity controller , installed the transformer juicer for the load cell for the precision balance. It is the best for the concentration management of the solution that cannot be managed by the electric conducitivity controller. The upgrade product was released in April, 2009. The circuit design was completely revised to endure a rapider environment and the temperature change, and further high accuracy and stability were achieved.
#936SG Precision Specific Gravity Controller

(1)High accuracy
The range of the measurement temperature secures wide-ranging temperature from -80℃ to antifreeze. Moreover, the specific gravity is measured by the accuracy of 1/5000 and the resolution of 1/10000.
(2)High stability and high reliability
Data and the opinion in a lot of customer environments were reflected. So the float has the structure of a large capacity and an enough weight, and has minimized the influence of the liquid current and the bubble. Moreover, for the sake of stable measuring by a rapid environmental transformation,the temperature amends function was mounted.
(3)Use easiness in factory line
As for the proofreading, it is enforceable only in the panel operation, and the size is also small with the DIN96 item.
(4)Detailed control output
The control output is four positions (two upper bound positions and two lower bound positions) in total, and RS485 digital port and data logger 4-20mA output can be installed as an option.

Introduction results

・Top battery manufacturer
・Major company of electric wire manufacturer
・Huge manufacturer headquartered in Korea
・Major plating manufacturer
and a lot of other enterprises , during over 15 years
(* To defend customer's technical intelligence,our company does not open all the company names to the public. )

Use case

・Sulfuric acid mixture management of battery electrobath
・Management of liquid (flux, acid wash liquid, and etching liquid) related to plating
・Quality control of metal products
・Line control of oils and fats and petroleum product
・Management of mixture chemical liquid that electric conductance cannot be measured such as sodium hydroxide + salts

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