Privacy policy


ELECTROCHEMISTRY SYSTEMS pays serious attention to the customer’s rights in respect of privacy, and takes every precaution for responsible information management. We disclose this Privacy Policy to show how personal information collected on this site is managed within our company.

ELECTROCHEMISTRY SYSTEMS shall not disclose personal information provided by customers through the company’s Web site to any third parties for sales promotion. Sources of such information include questionnaire/registration forms, product ordering information, e-Mail communication for feedback, and IP addresses or domain names accumulated in the company’s servers, however, not limited to these items. In addition, ELECTROCHEMISTRY SYSTEMS retains the right to add new sources at the discretion of the company, as required.

ELECTROCHEMISTRY SYSTEMS shall make every effort to protect the confidentiality of information provided by customers. In the unlikely event that such information is leaked, the company shall limit such leakage and take appropriate remedial action. However, ELECTROCHEMISTRY SYSTEMS will not be responsible for any unintentional leakage of such information. If such information is requested to be disclosed by the government or any other persons, the information shall not be disclosed at the discretion of the company. However, if such information is requested to be disclosed by court order, the company will comply with any such order.

Customer’s IP address

Web servers of ELECTROCHEMISTRY SYSTEMS record customers’ IP addresses only for the purposes of reporting and analyzing utilization of the site. This information is reported only inside the company and is erased periodically.

Customer’s address/TEL No.

Once an e-mail address is provided by a customer through the company’s site, information for the purposes of promotion or communication may be sent to the customer by the company. At the time of registering an e-mail address, the system can accept a customer’s request not to receive such information.

Customer’s e-mail address

Once an address or TEL No. is provided by a customer through the company’s site, promotional or other information may be communicated to the customer by the company.

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